Neither memoir nor manifesto: I create what I see, and I see more clearly as I create.

Dirk Hudson is a sculptor and conceptual visual artist, working with copper wire, various metals, wax, cast bronze, stone and discarded/metal/industrial objects.  Parallel works include drawing and installation.
A master craftsman working in an industrial context, he brings his interest and understanding of materials and workshop processes to his artistic practice.

He was motivated by being introduced to Ruskin’s writings emphasising the critical endeavour of learning to really see and describe what one sees plainly.
Motivated by finding ways of seeing more clearly, his work attempts to bridge the gap where words fail, often focusing on human endeavour and the effects of unseen forces. He is stimulated by imagination, using metaphor to challenge preconceptions, and asking, “what does it look like?” when confronted with engaging ideas, objects or situations.

Dirk often experiences an instant response to found items, seeing value in things where others see none, and the potential to reuse them in some unexpected way.

Dirk has attended The Trinity Arts Workshop since 2009 for painting, life drawing, and other short-term classes.

His artistic practice is enhanced in an environment where creativity is shared, enjoying the synergy with other artists through CEAD at NCAD. He recently completed 4 years of study towards a Visual Arts Practice Certificate, taking modules in Sculpture and Drawing Combined, Bronze Casting, Visual Culture, and Printmaking and Mixed Media, graduating in summer 2017.

Dirk was awarded the RPM Prize for Sculpture at the 2013 Annual CEAD Summer Exhibition at NCAD.

Since March 2016, Dirk has shown a selection of recent sculptural works with The Kildare Gallery, Carton House, Maynooth, also exhibiting with them at BLOOM 2016 and Vanishing Art 2016.

Dirk has exhibited at the Sculpture in Context exhibitions (2014 & 2015) in the National Botanic Gardens.

Dirk has focused his recent work on a small number of private commissions and regular applications to open submission exhibitions.

His work is held in the OPW Irish State collection and private collections in Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA.

Dirk was born in Dublin and continues work and live there, while regularly travelling to Canada with his wife and two daughters.